Our space design comes from the “REUSE” concept and the objective is to ponder the future of design given men’s new behavior trends.  When 3 teachers get together in creative cooperation, the main goal is to understand and question the role of design today and how it might make us reflect about the world in which we live.  Large scale events such as CASA COR generate tons of waste, as well as an immeasurable consumption of human, financial and material resources.  Starting from that perspective, our priorities were design solutions that would minimize environmental impact and incite the event’s visitors to reflect on the need for more sustainable actions. 

Based on these premises, we created an identity through a palette of colors, use of materials, shapes and lightening that resulted in a contemporary space filled with memories.  For us the poetry of the space is built from our own personal stories and beliefs, and is told with objects that remind us of our families, our childhood and our loved ones.  Here we celebrate the aesthetics of spontaneity, informality and honesty.

Design by Estudio Guto Requena